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About us

Those who want to optimize others should also be prepared to optimize themselves.

In 2012, Damian Hojenski and Reinhold Becze started Cut Corners (“to cut corners”), a company which arose from the sole proprietorship Hojenski founded in 2008.

The company was founded with the goal of developing and selling work and time management software applications for companies of all sizes.

We have continued to develop our software solution over the years by integrating additional functions and program components. As a result, we launched our TMU CALCULATOR® in 2012 and successfully tested the package with a top automobile supplier, thus confirming its higher productivity as compared to conventional MTM methods.

In addition to our range of software products, we also offer complete turnkey solutions that include the hardware concept, hardware implementation, customized software adaptations, training and continuous support (maintenance and hotline) under maintenance contracts, as well as services and consulting in the area of efficiency improvement and time management.

In addition to our sales efforts and MTM consulting activities, we are currently developing the TMU LOCALIZER®,
an application that more efficiently point outs and implements possible areas of production potential as well as the associated production line re-balancing.


Damian Hojenski

MTM Expert / Corporate Consultant
Managing Director, Cut Corners GmbH

Hojenski commands extensive knowledge in MTM, process optimization, lean management, work system design and qualified evaluation of areas for potential in your production. He successfully gained this experience as an independent corporate consultant in the automobile, aviation, supplier and medical industries.


Reinhold Becze

MTM Expert / Software Developer
Managing Director, Cut Corners GmbH

Becze has extensive knowledge in the areas of MTM, software development and programming. In addition to fundamental knowledge in the field of IT, his areas of expertise also range from programming languages including Objective C, Java, C and C++, through web technologies like HTML, Javascript, CSS, PHP and XML up to database systems.



Unsere Dienstleistungen

Cut Corners is more than just a consulting firm that specializes in MTM-based optimization. We also focus on simplifying recording processes and practical management of innovation. Our goal is to be a reliable partner that helps you to increase your innovative power along with all stakeholders involved. We create this through transparency in all process steps for all parties involved. Together with you we then bring about a paradigm shift in production optimization.


Work system design
Manufacturing process optimization
Lean management


Software solutions

Software development
Information technology


TMU CALCULATOR®, TMU LOCALIZER® and CUT CORNERS® are registered trademarks.

The TMU CALCULATOR® interface is uniform and sophisticated with an artistic design, and is registered as a design patent. As such, the entire interface must, for the most part, be classified as a work type of technical representation. This work type is not tied to one display format and includes the entire interface, even though it is full recognizable only by switching the display contents multiple times. It also characterizes the product advertising and packaging for the TMU CALCULATOR® branded product.

The third-party software and hardware names mentioned on this page are registered trademarks and must be treated as such.