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With this certificate, the MTM ASSOCIATION e. V. the conformity of
Digital creation of analyzes with MTM-UAS® with the TMU Calculator® from Cut Corners GmbH
with the test criteria of the seal of approval “approved by MTM ASSOCIATION”
defined requirements and standards. The detailed evaluation result from
03/31/2022 was documented in the associated evaluation report.

The following criteria were checked:
 Structure for displaying the certified MTM process building block systems
 Correct display and linking of the MTM data cards
 Functionality for manual creation and display of MTM analyses
 Software-guided selection of the MTM process modules based on pictograms
 Compliance with the rules of the MTM ASSOCIATION e. V
 Embedding excerpts from the user support course documentation

View test report
approvedbyMTMA-Certificate_Cut Corners_TMU Calculator_MTM-UAS_2022-04-08.pdf


The TMU CALCULATOR® processes MTM-1®, MTM-UAS®, MTM-SD® and MTM-LOG® systems and is compatible with TiCon, CAPP, Delmia or TAKTIQ AssemblySuite.


In addition to conventional MTM data, the TMU CALCULATOR® lets you use your own data cards and time modules. As a result, you have no limits whatsoever in creating complex level II data.


Increase your productivity by using the right equipment. The TMU CALCULATOR® saves you time in preparing MTM analyses — up to 50% in comparison to conventional methods.


Using the calculator is transparent and intuitive, allowing users to get started quickly with a low training effort.


Analytical standards and an integrated set of rules with error notification ensure high data quality.


The TMU CALCULATOR®’s ease of use and transparency create a basis for a work collaboration based on trust.